lana ramjit

my name is lana. i’m a computer scientist, survivor advocate, and quasi-practicing academic.

Currently, I’m a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell Tech, generously funded by a Computing Innovations Fellowship, where I work closely with Nicki Dell and Thomas Ristenpart. I also serve as the Director of Operations for the Clinic to End Tech Abuse which provides free consultations to NYC survivors of intimate partner violence experiencing technology-facilitated abuse.

I earned my PhD in Computer Science at UCLA in 2021 under the supervision of Ravi Netravali, and before that my BA in Computer Science at Columbia.

My last name is pronounced phonetically (ram like the animal, jit as in jitter), with no specific emphasis on either syllable, as it usually is within the Indo-Caribbean diaspora.

news + media

I’m lucky to have opportunities to talk about my work running the Clinic to End Tech Abuse or share my expertise on technology-facilitated abuse. Some places I’ve been able to do so in the past:

in the news

Documents in abortion pill lawsuit raise questions about ex-husband’s claims“. Sarah McCammon. NPR. Apr 2023.

“US lawsuit takes aim at ‘weapon of choice’ for stalkers“. Allison Griner. Al Jazeera. Mar 2023.

“Unwanted Connection: Who has control of your Smart Home?” Anna Kodé. NYTimes. Feb 23.

talks and events

I’ve been invited to speak at the White House Task Force for Online Abuse (proposal), the United Nations Population Fund Symposium, the National Network to End Domestic Violence’s Tech Safety Summit, the IETF 114 Humans Rights Protocol Considerations (video), and the Remember the Women’s Institute IPV Symposium, among others.

I gave a talk USENIX Enigma 2023 introducing the Technology Abuse Toolkit (see below), on why tech experts should help create them:

Technology Abuse Clinics for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence | USENIX Enigma 2023.



The Technology Abuse Clinic Toolkit

As part of a small group of collaborators with experience starting or sustaining a technology abuse clinic, I helped create a toolkit documenting our advice and experience for those interested in starting their own clinics.

It is available at on the web at or as a downloadable PDF.



email: lana dot ramjit at cornell dot edu